Seven Reasons Why United Cannot Lose on David De Gea

July 1, 2015

In a week or so it should be the end of United’s Summer of Spending Rumorama Extravaganza. We’ve all been inundated with the stories. As the world’s media competes for attention it’s wonderfully, nutty  and compelling stuff.

A carnival of tips and tattle. An outrageous merry go round filling in the time until we get down to business and start playing again. My bet is the major deals are in place at all the big clubs. United, Chelsea, City and Arsenal know exactly who is available to them. By the time United leave for the US tour any of the following players may join new guy Memphis De Pay on the plane; Schneiderlin; Coleman; Otamendi; Ramos; Hummels; Turan; and a striker. Will David De Gea be on that plane?

Man Utd v Everton

I love the way United have handled the De Gea saga. Madrid have been Madrided. United will either get Ramos or Benzema, and the money exchanged will be a relatively small amount. Or De Gea will stay. It’s a win/win.  And here’s why United hold the cards:

  • If United don’t get what they want from Madrid they keep the world’s #1 or #2 goalkeeper – depending on how you rate Manuel Neuer.
  • If De Gea stays he will try his best next season because he wants to be Spain’s #1 at the 2016 European Championships.
  • If he stays and United win something he may then choose to remain because all reports are that he enjoys playing for United.
  • If he leaves for free at the end of his contract next season, United say goodbye to18 million pounds but he earned that by getting them back in the Champions League with his performances last season
  • If Madrid don’t cave they lose their #1 target, President Florentino Perez is embarrassed and the famous white hankies wave for him.
  • If Madrid do cave and United get Ramos, it’s a great deal. A great player, a great character, and most of all a tough guy arrives.
  • If Ramos stays at Madrid then Benzema is next in line.

It’s a banker’s strategy about assets and value. It’s simply good business. And it says a lot about the Van Gaal/Woodward era.

The questions then begin about the other players who arrive.Names don’t matter. Can they deliver in the Champions League? Are they the difference makers?

But that’s all for further posts.

2 responses to Seven Reasons Why United Cannot Lose on David De Gea


    Dan – Ramos may be “erratic” but he’s quick, tenacious, a leaper, can defend and doesn’t stand down. No one will bully United with him around.
    As for goalies. There are ones to be had. Lloris would be fine for me.
    Benzema is the all action, closing down, defending from the front, harassing pest who scores goals type.



    Ramos is erratic and benzema is average. De Gea is a top player in a key position. Who will they replace him with?