Even more on Fellaini and why he’s crucial this season

August 25, 2015

So the manager has clarified today that Fellaini will play more as a striker this season. In my book that’s a very, very good thing. I’ve already waxed lyrical on the qualities I believe he brings to the team, but to be honest it just makes sense. He’s a proven player in the final third. TJS70684504here aren’t many center halves who can handle him ask Kompany and Mangala. And as for the criticism on Twitter about how he turns United into a one dimensional pub team hoofing it forward in the hope of knock downs, that is utter bollocks. You get players wide or players who can directly attack in the final third and he will battle, pick up the bits, provide an assist or score. All of this “where is the swashbuckling team of old?” lament is utter tripe. Get real people. Once Ronaldo left United became a much more pedestrian and one paced team.

The last title was won on Van Persie’s goal scoring brilliance and some very, very dour performances. If you can’t sign Bale, Muller, or Reus, what are you supposed to do?

Let’s see what happens in Brugges tomorrow night. Then also let’s see what happens once the team is definitely in the next round of the Champions League. There are 5 and half days in the transfer window after Wednesday night.

4 responses to Even more on Fellaini and why he’s crucial this season

    danieldonachie1 August 25, 2015 at 9:21 pm

    Did you know his dad made him run 8 miles to school every day? His dad would be with him in his bike! His dad was a goalkeeper in the lower Belgian leagues. He has a great heart in and off the pitch and I am so happy LVG has the balls to play him.



    I am prepared to wager a beer now that if he gets 30 games he gets 12 goals. Heck he got one in 12 minutes.



    I like Fellani,brings them something different.LVG has given him confidence which has made him a better player.
    We shall see