Man United 1 Norwich City 2, December 19th: Now for the Mourinho and Guardiola cha cha

December 21, 2015

Terrible again. No wins in 6 games, and unfortunately if you compare Moyes and Van Gaal’s stats over 50 games, there’s not much to separate them apart from around 200 million pounds.


Arguably Van Gaal has stabilized the club, reduced payroll and squad size and in Anthony Martial delivered a potential superstar. The current league position despite the recent dismal run is better than during Moyes’ reign, but the football isn’t. Despite the millions spent United are not a finished product. The clamor for Van Gaal’s head grows, and now we have two seemingly ready made candidates for his job in Mourinho and Guardiola.

Yet I don’t think United bring in anyone from the outside until the end of this season if at all. Rio Ferdinand can call for Guardiola but why would he come to Old Trafford if there is no Champions League qualification? Same for Mourinho. Same for any top rated player or manager. Why would Guardiola turn down City or even Arsenal for that matter?

If there is a change surely it will be Giggs for Van Gaal with a mandate to earn the job. And if it is Giggs he’s getting the job with a lot to do rather than inheriting a team on the up.

The Premiere League is fantastic this season, but United aren’t part of the singing and dancing. Leicester, Crystal Palace, Watford and even Bournemouth currently lead the charge of the no names and United have a lot of fences to mend. The United Rant is cataloguing the by now well known mantra of criticisms; possession and precision over gung ho attack; defence first; caution over cavalier.

NBC TV in the US analysed Leicester’s goals over their last few games, and most take less than 15 seconds from the time they gain possession. As we all know that’s not the United way anymore, and everyone capitalizes on it. Look at Bournemouth and Norwich. Sit, defend, hold, break, nick one if possible. When United win the ball, immediately reorganize into defensive shape, allow United to walk it up the field, defend and bank on United’s inability to break through. Repeat and Repeat and Repeat until you get a chance.

How Van Gaal breaks that rhythm and finds a way to make his team more direct and purposeful remains the question. If he doesn’t forget Mourinho and Guardiola think Giggs.