Chelsea 1 Man United 1, February 7th: The Mourinho Mess

February 7, 2016

Louis-van-Gaal5Close but no cigar as in the end a lack of composure costs a vital 2pts, but a spirited performance, brilliance from De Gea and a wonderful goal from Lingard. Now United have to play like this for the rest of the season. It’s as simple as that. It’s going to take championship winning form to get back into the top 4, and it’s also not in United’s hands. Leicester, bless their hearts, are 12 points clear. There are 13 games left, so it’s Arsenal, City or Tottenham who have to be overhauled unless Leicester implode.

You can’t help feel for Van Gaal. All week he’s had to deal with the Mourinho rumors. They are coming from somewhere. It’s either Woodward or his new best friend super agent Jorge Mendes, or both. And it’s disgraceful. Why would you allow that kind of speculation to affect and potentially disrupt the team unless there is some sort of twisted corporate Darwinian plan at work. “Let’s pile the pressure on, pressure produces results” kind of thing. Why would you not come out and say we will deal with the speculation at the end of the season when the club will review everyone’s performance? Instead just because City have made an announcement about Pep, someone feels the supporters want to be mollified by hearing United aren’t standing still either?  Oh City have hired the most sought after manager in the world, his brother is a player agent too. Right then,  let’s get our version in the Mourinho managed Mendes. Then we will have a better shot at the players we desperately need.  Perfect combination, manager and agent working together on players who are in the same family? Wonder why Falcao went to Chelsea?

Manchester is going mad. Outside ownership of both clubs. Global dollars at stake. Football as gigantic mega business.

Somehow all this seems the more meaningful because it’s the Munich anniversary.


Ed, if those Manchester flowers will never be forgotten don’t go dragging the club’s legacy in the mud by conspiring with Mendes, behind the current manager’s back. And let’s none of us fall for that open collar banker speak: “the club is just ensuring it’s covering all bases and putting itself in the right position to make a decision” nonsense. We know stuff goes on all the time. Players and managers are tapped, arrangements made, deals done. I’ll bet now, for instance, that Guardiola has spoken to the players he wants next season. It’s a certainty. The question however remains the same: Why are both clubs potentially damaging their seasons by City publicly humiliating the current manager by announcing his successor, and United immediately reacting by leaking they are in conversation with the leading candidate to replace Van Gaal?

Meanwhile United’s players responded brilliantly in the past two games, and City were dreadful yesterday. There is a real chance this mid season soap opera ends badly for both clubs. Don’t challenge the football gods. Leicester are proof that money, marketing, and Machiavellism don’t always triumph.

God I hope Leicester win the title. I hope the Glazers sell, and I’d be happy if United keep playing football like they did yesterday and put some joy in the supporter’s hearts.

Now that’s what you call a rant.

P.S. I’ve been yelling about Depay all season, and his idiocy by not holding on to the ball or playing a better pass just before Chelsea’s goal cost the game yesterday.