Wayne Rooney: A tribute

October 10, 2016

wayne-rooney-manchester-united-man-utd_3480451The bugles are blowing louder than ever on Wayne Rooney’s United career. It’s time, and he probably knows it more than anyone. It won’t be a surprise if during January’s transfer window he left for the U.S. or China. The fact that tomorrow he’ll be on the bench for England against Slovenia in the World Cup qualifying game is as plain a signal as you can get.  He’s a sub at international and club level. He can still summon a surge, ask the Crystal Palace fans after his guts and determination run set up the equalizer in the Cup Final. But these days those runs are a cameo. The game has taken it’s toll. Midfield is not his natural position, it never will be. He looks for Hollywood passes when much of the the game is played in 3-5 yard areas. And in those areas the ball too often slips away. The darting Iniesta role doesn’t suit him.

Now it’s time for the fans to pay him the respect he deserves. Twelve seasons of unforgettable moments, success, courage and skill at United. All the time  while being kicked and battered for the cause and playing in the hardest role of all.

Statistics tell his story and reflect his contribution.

You cannot argue with, diminish or demean those statistics and what they represent. It’s insulting when some fans do. Plain and simple he’s run out of gas. In many other Premiere League teams he’d still be a major force, but United are striving to win the Championship again and there are bigger, quicker, more dynamic, more mobile options available. The body eventually wears out, and Rooney’s has. It happens to every player.

Where does he sit in United’s list of greats? Post war in no particular order we’ve had Edwards, Byrne, Best, Law, Charlton, Robson, Schmeichel, Keane, Cantona, Irwin, Stam, Ferdinand, Vidic, Beckham, Giggs, Scholes, and Ronaldo. Rooney is in that list. Has to be. At his peak he was a devastating force and easily Britain’s best player.

As noted above he’s scored 246 goals for the club. Three behind Bobby Charlton’s club record of 249. Will he break it? I hope so. United can’t afford to try and carry him to the record, but there are plenty of Cup games coming up.

It’s a milestone and personal triumph he deserves. At the highest level his brilliant, bruising career is over.

3 responses to Wayne Rooney: A tribute


    Leo too right on his place in the club’s history. However I think Father Time has caught up with him; got this from a friend yesterday: “Indulged for too long when it is obvious HE CANNOT MOVE HIS FEET. ” I’m a huge fan, and it’s disgraceful what people are saying about him, but an old head, good player in the right game now.
    Scholes had great feet. He could hit the Hollywood and deliver the three yard dagger.



      you’re probably right Kevin, but I really want him to come good again and leave on his own terms with head held high, Mind you, I suppose he is still a scouser:)



    agree on virtually everything Kevin other than I believe he could have a final spurt left in him if he can get a couple of goals and regain his confidence. From what his team mates say, he is training as hard and effectively as ever, which means he is still one of the hardest workers in the team. Maybe he will get the breaks in the very near future & go on to the end of the season. He certainly deserves to, and in the past 60 years or so he stands alongside the greats of ManU.
    Take it easy,